Hugo Perrin was celebrating his 18th birthday when his heart began to race. Rushed to the MUHC, the only option to slow his heart was to stop and restart it. This frightening ordeal led to a diagnosis of arrhythmia—an irregular heartbeat.

Arrhythmias can strike at any age and cause the heart to beat too slow, too fast or off rhythm, leading to numerous life-threatening problems. To ensure excellent care for patients like Hugo, the MUHC Foundation is raising funds for a new Electrophysiology (EP) Centre of Excellence. Staffed by the MUHC’s expert cardiac electrophysiologists—specialists in the heart’s electrical system—this new centre will provide cutting-edge procedures to treat arrhythmias.

It has been over 10 years since Hugo’s first episode of arrhythmia. Today, he is thriving and a successful entrepreneur thanks to the expert care of his team at the MUHC. With your support, we are ensuring that more patients like Hugo receive lifesaving care.

The MUHC Foundation is grateful to the Mireille and Murray Steinberg Foundation for their support of the Electrophysiology Centre of Excellence at the MUHC.

Hugo Perrin, patient

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Electrophysiology Lab

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